Andrew James Corrigan: Washington, DC Artist

Artist Statement |

Article 1

To create in any medium of the arts, be it painting, music or writing, is an escape from the constraints of social roles we individuals are placed in. An extreme joy and struggle is born finding one's self without guilt, fear, or competition; seeing no separation between the public and private attitudes of life's daily actions. It is because of this resolution of conflict that I create. It is a necessity like water and food.

Article 2
The desire is to comprehend, to embrace life and live: hindered by uncertainty, anxiety, love, anger, lust, self-rejection; heightened by desperation brought on from existing in a world focused on perpetruating self-limitations, conformity to convention, the banality of a minute to day existence - the need to profess one's humanity in this world of turbulence and despair. These are the seeds from which my work grows.

Article 3
In visual creations the imagery is a representation of, and many times metaphorically, the human figure, which is abstracted from the spontaneous reaction to pre-existing passages. These figures portray the spectrum of feelings and emotions; physical acts, depict moments of love, anonymous sexual transactions and the loneliness of isolation.

Article 4
Simplification to realized refinement through investigation is the course of action taken. A process of spontaneity reduced to chain reactions, along with and involving accidents which coincide with my own generalized aesthetics are contemplated and put under control.

Article 5
In creating works of art, the collaborative effort is between the artist, medium and materials at hand. The passions must revel in their own existence before they may enjoy their essence; one reaching that goal the artist can only hope to communicate his inner most emotions and thoughts to other humans.

Article 6
These images, these creations, are about relationships both physical and mental; interaction with the medium and my contact with other humans - with no intention of hiding feelings or truths known, but to slightly obscure their reality. The works here are whispered words that should have been screamed: thoughts expressed through color and shape rather than the written word. They are an exorcism of sorts to clear out my misconceptions in searching for a deeper comprehension of self and life's truths to be lived.